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Do a lot about my sweat equity.

It's real quick and has a heart out. Yeah, that's the intro that sort

out. What do you mean hard out? Yeah,

sure. Yeah.

Well, it's not technically a hard out. It's not like a sting.

Thank you Damian it's still really

the most like everybody in the country of this United States. Not Yeah, not really listening. I like country music. You guys don't Country Music The number one genre in America right? Yeah.

Was it cool as cool as the middle of it is a lot of United States so

I'm saying I'm I represent Joe sixpack that doesn't have a good year or good palate. I'll eat an apple beach all day. Yeah,

I don't knock Applebee's man you know, I've been

like well you know I've graduated since but you know it's one of those things that like I always was a big portion of my life

you're like hey man, this are cool. Why you get a ride on that will be yes. Yes. My neighborhood.

You know, it's it's like you can get there and you can have food but more like the karaoke karaoke at Applebee's.

I've never never send you more like

if the big bang theory was a night out

yeah that is it. The Comedy style of of The Big Bang Theory is Applebee's. Basically as Applebee's karaoke night

was at question only reason why I stopped going Applebee's because they change their case. So that that

Oh, that's that's got a new microwave. And

that was the last straw so all that neighborhood camaraderie. It doesn't matter. It's just case is the

dude look when you're when you're drinking. And you're having a good time your chips in your case. So all your chips and salsa is like the staple center piece that's going to keep you going all night. If that sucks then

and that's why this podcast is brought to you by chilis. Julie, when you try to get something not that gross at the airport. choice.

Choice choice though. Gross. Yeah,

I wish we are sponsored by Chili's. I really would. My white trash eating habits never left. So I'll eat illegible. No problem or Lunchables.

Lunchables. Carville

I'll be up I'll have a Capri Sun. No,

no, that's the word. We just went live juice. I don't be drinking juice. Dude. That's the worst thing possible. Well, I pour

it out first for my homies as respect and then can squeeze it up because yeah, I get frustrated trying to put that god damn strong this stupid pouch. Bad doesn't like the top off. Yeah, you go. Fuck it.

Bad design. But it's been it's been here for years. So kids seem to get it just fine.

They don't they make all the parents do. Yeah, you big line up to mom and dad to get their Capri Sun poke through.

You'll you'll know. So you're dropping loads now to have a kid. But

why don't you tell us about your loads? Did you come in?

You're bragging about it, too, is you might as well just get it on the podcast. Well,

you know, a is one of those things that I was just going out. And I got, you know, tested. And I did not know what the average load count was supposed to be. You know, you start sitting there and you start wondering, you know, like, you know, what, what is it good? What is it good count? What would you think is a good counting, you know, and they're like, you're supposed to have like, millions of whatever the cases and they're like, well, we're looking for 39 million. And it just seems, sir, that you are at 185 million. And I'm here. I'm thinking, dude, I thought it was half. Yeah. So I'm bragging. I'm proud. Yes, I am. My Latin heritage is because come through. So why did put into Can I ask why you're getting it done? Why are you testing it for fun? Yes. Well, no, not really. You know, shoot him get into Asia. Let me find out if everything's the piping is. Everything's still working. Right. Yeah,

I mean, let me go. And much, much, much, much, much older than us. Yeah.

How old are you? I am about to turn 40. Actually.

I know. Right. Come on a second. We drop in

new so. So yeah. So I was like, let me let me just double check. You know. And if I said to me, it seems that I now am completely confident that I can impregnate the world. So

good. You So yeah, I mean, I think this stuff's interesting testing yourself. We should all kind of do it. Just two guys

don't test themselves enough.

Now. This is a perfect segue for the stat I wanted to tell you about a little over a year ago. We don't produce this show. My wife and I were having to discussion about how often we had sex and what's enough and what's not enough, whatever. And I was like, all right, fine. I didn't think it was as much as she said it was and I was like, I'm gonna keep track. She said the answer over a year ago that she thought it was about two times a week, over the course of a year, I tracked sexual activity between two. Yeah,

well, I thought I was the Asperger's.


want to know, how many completions there were

complete. What is completion? Yeah, we have to, we have to define what size is. Yeah. To define

anything where she's getting the poison out.

Okay. All right.

It was exactly 104. So exactly two times a week. And then I was like, Wait, does she have a fucking calendar and she's just marking them shuts off. Well, you gotta take out

what three? Four days at least out of out of the month or less. Yeah, you go straight in the wind.

Oh, no. Well,

I mean that's fine but no judgment here.

You know, we're streaky. Okay, nice. Yeah. So good luck. Come back for me.

I'm fine. comments. never bothers me is my thing is like, well, she is the dentist. I mean, they're very particular. Right? They are like, that's that personality. Sure.

Maybe I thought about it for about two seconds. I was like a keeping track of

that shit.

Maybe she. You don't even know it. But she was. She could. That's

what I

that's what I said that she you know, punching my car at all these times, then won't allow them out

who that Subway sandwich card is.

I just think it was a crazy coincidence.


think it's. I hope she finds that journal. Or I should definitely

I showed it to her. I was like,

the only way she listens to this if someone else tells her. Yeah, yeah, I just thought you should know. I just thought you should know

you should hear this. Let me ask this question, though. So two times a week. Like a national average. Is that like a good average? Or is that a bad average?

I thought that was once a week or something. I don't know if it was lower than you think. Really? I'll look it up. Yeah,

because here's the thing. I think it's also perception. So like, for example, there's some times that I personally will be like, Oh, my God, it's been forever. And then why feel? Remind me do it was like six days ago. Max? Max? Oh, for sure. For days ago? Actually. She know, especially nowadays. Yeah, we're

tracking it now. Yeah,

especially not is. But I'll tell you this much, though. It's amazing how often women just in general, keep track of that in a relationship. Just from a relationship standpoint. I think more women keep track of it. And guys, guys, we just were like, Yeah,

I was just statistics.

I was like, I will get these numbers down.

Well, what

one thing that I forget about too, because I was looking at health insurance stuff, and I was like, oh, guys, we don't we don't give a shit about the doctor. Yes, we don't have to go. We don't have to, like worry about a lot of stuff. I should

go to the doctor.

No, I

go. But I'm saying like most I'm taking guys in general. Like, I know a bunch of guys are like, I've been to a doctor and 12 years. Well, yeah, it's a lot of my friends. Yeah.

Well, women, you know, their main dr, a lot of times they're kind of colleges.

So I'm saying. So they're there. They're there. They're having a having their brains in this world a little bit more, as far as like, just thinking about more health conscious or just more like body oriented whatever.

Well, yeah, they definitely have their own monthly clock going, you know, so there is that there is no matter what, listen here every month, they're going to have a clock that it's going to get all messy. Listen, I bet you do have to give that talk.

Probably the parent that does it. Yeah, yeah.

So I pulled up I saw one that said for the stat I said, I saw one that I don't trust the domain of it. But it's the first result I get it from Hello. giggles calm? I don't know.

But you know, when you're on Google and adversity, you search for something. And then it has like this special box where the stat pops up or something, right. So that's what that's the only reason I'm trusting it.

I know I trust that one more for some reason. To the little border. legit the native box. Yeah, it

was a right there. So the African American is sex about once per week. According the survey,

you are getting about 200% service.

All right. Well, we're not going to pass that info along. Yeah,

well, look, man itself that card that postcard in half.

But I was gonna say I was gonna make a joke. That normal amount should be what it is, right? It's almost a free market kind of mentality, whatever your normal amount is going to be, what your normal amount is, you're looking to compare it against the field, right? So what's normal? So I think this is weird. We do this a lot. Now, because we have access to this information. We go, what's a normal amount of this? What's the normal amount of sleep? What's the normal amount of whatever? How many hours should be working a week? And it it really, it's just, oh, here's the best comparison diet. Yeah, right. We talked about diet a lot, because I think it affects us so much. And I know some of the stuff I'm eating self destructive, like sugar, having way too much sugar.

It's definitely making me logic, right? When I don't need it. What I'm saying is, diet is that thing of like, what's the right diet for you? You're your own? Yeah, you're the only one who knows. That's what it's like, the keto deal. It's like, I'll tell anybody about it that wants to, you know, try it or whatever. But like, it might not make you feel good. The way makes me feel good. And that's going to happen, like a lot. Like, there's huge variances in these things. So, but what people don't do I

actually, I'm giving you shit about keeping score, like keeping tabs on that. But we kind of should do that for a lot of things. Yeah, because it's like, how much sleep should you get? At some point back like seven years ago, I was able to kind of get six hours of sleep, I could fall asleep immediately, because I have problems with that. And I could wake up and feel fine. And I like train myself over a long period of time. I was training for a tough monitor. Yeah, I'm that guy. And I have to have something to work towards. I just won't work out as hard. But I was able to get my myself down to this six hour block where I fall asleep immediately. Wake up fine. I tested myself like my own guinea pig. I think, I mean, this is kind of like digital marketing to, to me, it's like a lot of analytics. You're looking at stuff every day, you're going what works. What doesn't cut the fat keep moving kind of stuff? Yeah,

it's like, you can look at outside stats all you want. But in the end, you're going to have to start with yourself, whether it's your own business or your own body. Yeah,

there's the end go out and the bottom lines, not going to tell you your weights. Not going to tell you how healthy you are. I don't like bottom line. People. I think it I think I need to go more bottom line with some things in my life philosophically, but I don't think like you. It's like, if you talk to anybody that is like in the health wellness community, and you go, Well, I, you know, what's my way? What's my BMI weights? Good. So everything, right? Right? Like the BMI.

What's your energy? If it's a pleasure? Anybody with any sort of muscle? It's like you're obese. Your five, eight and 190 or obese, right? Like, well, yeah, with 5% body fat. What are you talking about? Yeah,

let's, let's break down some of the stats, right? You can look down an income statement of a company and go, Okay, well, why is it you don't just go, Okay, this first year for your startup is negative 500 grand. Okay. But yeah, but a lot of that was the, we got a loan that had a front end, big front end part that we had to buy assets that are going to they're going to appreciate over time, we bought a building like y'all bought a building for the fine, but buying a building. But you know, I'm saying like, that doesn't tell the whole story. If you don't have profits in your first year as a startup, or your own side hustle, or whatever.

So it's that thing of like, you got to look at like, All right, let's look down the operating margin. Let's look down the profit margin. Let's look down, you know, all those kind of things down the line, literally fit like, go down your line of income statement. do that?

I don't know. Yeah,

well, that's, that's something that's something that I'm a lot of people don't do. And sometimes when they're looking at bottom lines, even loan officers, when they look at bottom lines, they have to look at the bottom line, then have to look at the story behind it. And that kind of goes with anything else that especially when you're talking about like, even whether it's personal or whether it's business is sitting there going, Alright, here's here are the goals here, the bottom lines, what's going to take to get there? And is that actually, you know, is that the right goal? Because I'm trying to lose weight with myself right now. So

that's why is it just staring in your eyes? Yeah,

is it just the weight or is it you know, like you said, the body fat percentage that I'm trying to get down, and so on, so forth. So you almost have to have not necessarily a bottom line. But more like a bottom criteria, like, this is the criteria with me. And if you can meet, you know, these five, six points, then you've reached that bottom line that you're trying to look at. Because I think anyone looks at any one statistic, for example, anyone's like, you don't eat carbs, well, let's, let's stop there, there's certain carbs, you should have their certain color you should cut down. But to just go with a blank statement, like carbs are bad

is right. Just predict, I mean, just food labeling and general labels fiber as carbs, right. And it's not, it should be its own thing. But like it's on there. So check it out. So this is

this, this is a business podcast. But this all is related. Because if you're doing if you're trying to do your own thing, and you're going to be working a full time job, that that's kind of the audience we generally speak to, for the podcast is like, you're at a full time job, you hate it, and you're trying to do something on the side that you really like to do. Or maybe you're just trying to do something on the side. And you You're okay, with, you know, the day job, not everybody can do what they want to do kind of thing

is always to help you think long term scalable thing, like what's going to help you be able to do this stuff day in and day out. Yeah, I feel good about it. Yeah,

and I its energy, right, you have

enough energy, you're going to be able to do that other thing, and you're not going to get bogged down, maybe maybe you'll find a way to enjoy the job you hate doing during the day. Right? Right. If you're attitude might be totally different. Because of these non business things you're doing. It's not just when you're an entrepreneur, it's not just about the knowledge you have. A lot of it is the balance, you can kind of take care of a lot of people, you know, they can change the perception of where they're working at. Now, if they understand, and they have done this, for the few people who become entrepreneurs, I say, take, take your paycheck, you've got to pay your bills, all right, fine. But if you take a portion of that, and you say, this portion right here, is going to go towards this new goal, this new thing that I'm trying to build, whether it's the new website for my new product, or whether it's, this is some, you know, I'm going to go and do some testing for something on other if you can take that, then all of a sudden, the hours that you're working is towards your particular freedom towards your side gig towards your future goal. And all of a sudden, you're going in there, like, I gotta kick ass at this job. So I can make this money. So I can reinvest it into what I want to do. And all of a sudden, when you just look at it a little bit differently. The jobs not that bad, because now you know, it's a temporary state while you're building. So yeah,

you're laying out the path lots of times, the hard thing is seeing how you get to that point. And then once you can, okay, that once it's full of money, I'm good. I'm there. And all I gotta do is this every day, put the money in there, and then you can see it in your own mind. And it becomes a lot more manageable. Yeah,

right. Rafi may used to have this thing. There used to be a video around comedians that Kyle cease who's a motivational speaker now, but he used to teach comedy boot camp class. And I I don't know how I saw this video. Because it wasn't. I don't think it was something that was supposed to get out there, really. But there's Rafi may came in, who I loved. And he he knew me as Bert kreischer opener. And I was like fine by me. You know, he remembered who I was. I was like, Oh my God, that's amazing. I'm wearing a shirt shirt. So I sound like a fucking nerd. If he ever send them a video. Hey, why don't you come to the podcast here in town next week. And sorry,

but a thing on it.

But I'm saying like, he had a thing about look, you want to do stand up? You can, right? He's like, I used to. I used to watch two hours of law and order every day. He was like, I was Saturday that was now at that video. I saw a long time ago. He was like, 400, you know, plus or whatever. But he goes, look, you got i was i was watching law and order two hours a day. I cut that shit out. And I just wrote in that two hours. It's not that hard. You can do it. It's a lot of that kind of stuff where you go, Yeah, but you do these kind of, I do this to still so don't get me wrong. I'm better way better about it. But you give yourself a little like rewards or whatever, man. I've had it hard. I've had a hard day. I've had a long day. I'm gonna just binge on Netflix, or I've had a long week. I'm just not gonna do anything on Sunday. And that shit, especially when you have kids. That's gone. That's fun. Nothing's precious. None of that more reward. Once you get that in your mindset that you're just not going to have that it becomes so much easier. You have the power. I told you. I had a flat tire last night and a lot of shit. My life's gone haywire in the last year. And it's like, oh, it didn't even faze me. It wasn't even like, Whoa, whoa, whoa, it was me. It was just like,

bring it know loop. How

am I going to do this? I gotta get the kids to daycare tomorrow. It's already like

eight at night. They get excited with the math problem.

They go to sleep. I was looking up Toro. The rental car app that'll drop cars off. It's like a peer to peer car. Yeah,

I can't believe they come up. But that's sooner.

Well, it's got some kinks. So like this car dealership, like if you need it, like I needed like, kinda I was trying to get it that night because I didn't trust anybody to drop it off at like 630. You know, so. So like, I was trying to get it if you need it. Like an Uber where you need a car rental car like that. It's probably not the best if you're going to another city and you got a couple days planet it's going to be cheaper than doing the rental car.

Download the Toro? pronto app

to our own tomorrow. And I'll put my $25 like credit referral

code in there. It's like the better one. It was like Toro? Like a bowl. Yeah. Oh, to de de Toro. A bowl. Yeah. Yeah,

there's. So I knew that. So my thing is, like, I when you, you put it in. We're slacking about it. And you made a joke about that. Eric, if you're listening because I'm pointing at you. But I wasn't even like, I don't even think about it until you're making a joke about it. And then it was like, you know, that's, I think that's progress in a way as far as like, I like to complain about stuff, but because I think it's funny. But

yeah, I think it's funny to complain about it to be a curmudgeon. Yeah,

but I'm not like I don't it people think I do that to cope with stuff and it's like No, I just do that because I think it's funny to pitch about like really small thing Yeah, yeah, I get it I notice it

Yeah, I enjoyed it. We live

we live in the late 19th biggest Metropolis in the country Tampa Bay and we're like we've got to be number five and traffic and that shit just drives me nuts Yeah, literally like drives me crazy in the car but it doesn't I don't lose my shit. I just think God damn This is weird. Why are we Why do we love road construction like that stuff is this stuff I think about but it doesn't bug me all the time that's

good it's you you've you've hit that level where it's like it's not gonna say quit all the shits gonna come all the time. It doesn't. It never stopped.

They dovetails into what I wanted to. I disliked about telling you. I tried to tell someone in my I live in a big apartment complex. And this one lady I run into all the time. And then we're going to bring Henry Hollingsworth into to buy he's behind the glass right now. But he's going to come in the last five minutes and drop some knowledge on us.

That's that's what we call these guys Makati. Yeah. And so airborne for that. No, no crickets know them. So she has complained to me about her allergies, like all the time and I go, Hey, you know, like my business partner had allergies and literally is like he got rid of it by doing this breathing method. I don't know how to do the camera. I don't know how to do the cadence. But yeah, like you should check it out. Yeah, the guys went off. And so I just

went over to WWI. Mm hmm. I spelled

it out for like, like, it's wi n h. o f like, didn't like radio like Casey Casey. It's w i am a job. If, like, try to try to really bottom of the hour.

It's the Zakat with

friends forever. And so and so to me, I really my got my case of man, Gary Vee. And Casey case of these are the two impressions I can do. And so I was like, all right. Did you check it out? I saw around because I see her every day walking around. And I'm like, creep. Well, if I follow her, I put a GPS card. So but no. So I put a tile in her purse. I slipped it in there. What tile app tile anyway, so I'm like, hey, check it out. And we've done this five times for my Did you do it? Did you do? Did you do it? Because I'm just now I'm like, I just want to see if she's actually going to just look at it. Yeah, what is this thing? We all do it too. It's so weird. But if someone goes I have a secret I really sold it to. I was like, I had the secret to get rid of your white people. Problems with allergies. It is. I don't know anybody that pitches about allergies and other like other parts of the world. No, I don't think it exists. I think this is an indoor person problem. It is. And so

I don't think Australians have this problem. And now back I don't know that's, that's a bit broad. I don't know anybody that is like a farmer. Really? That's like I've bad allergies. Yeah.

No fun today. So yeah, yeah.

Do you know? I'm sorry. I gotta sign this at it. Yeah, I don't think so. And so my thing was like, here's the secret to fixing this that I know.

Just take 30 seconds. See what this Dutch guy is about? Yeah,

and hes Dutch. I've seen it. Yeah, he's Dutch could have been murdered lens. Yeah,

this guy, consumer, I'm selling it. This guy can submerged under freezing water. A lot of it's because of this breathing method. Yeah.

Well, I mean, that's part of it. It's different. But I mean, it's it's breathing method itself gets her your allergies items. So many people. I'm like, people know. Now the not complain to me about sinus headaches is I'm like, Hey, what do you think I'm going to say right now, the window open. And like, yeah, so if you do that, you will feel better take 20 minutes, you will feel better. It's like, can you do the key

so I

don't have to bother you. But you have to send me this video. Because I don't know. I don't know,

rather than the cadence. I'll explain sort of what you take full breaths. And

you fill your lungs up as much as you can. Nice and easy, you're not stressing. And then you just like, let out a little bit. The idea being that you're breathing in more oxygen than you're letting out so that you're trying to make your blood alkaline. And you do that 30 times fully in

just a little bit out.

And you'll start to feel tingling in your hands and feet. And

once you get to 30 or 40 breaths, take a deep breath in. And let it all the way out.

lungs, completely empty of air. And then you just hold your breath for as long as you can. And once you can't breathe, or you need to breathe, you breathe it back in. hold that for 10 seconds, you'll feel like your highest billy goat. And then you go back into the cycle. Usually you do the cycle three or four times and you'll get that real high feeling. But it works. There's nobody that I've done it for that it hasn't worked for. And the same for everybody.

And I was telling her I've heard this study done multiple times smokers it they're more relaxed, not because they're going outside to smoke. If you're in an office environment, it's because they're going outside in their breathing even if it's toxic, or whatever you think it is the carcinogens even though it's not fresh air or whatever because they're going outside to breathe for 20 minutes like taking a break think about it

that doesn't sound right it there's they're probably happy because they're going to break

though because the people that don't smoke they don't go outside and do that maybe they're going outside they're much more balanced in their life or their work life

I bet it's more of a vitamin D thing getting the sunlight on you

for me that lt again I'm not going to do a bottom line I'm going to say it's like I'm gonna say it's a combination of things getting up from your desk going outside getting some circulation getting some vitamin D breathing some air even if even after you're done Have you done with a cigarette you're still breathing some air

reminded me I went I went to have lunch with my buddy who works at Raymond James which is a huge you know financial company that stadium that we have the stadium but there's a financial institution as well does you know Wealth Management asset management that kind of stuff but they have a huge campus over in St. Louis St. Pete Tampa area and and the smoker that just reminded me this this smoker you can't smoke on their campus but they own most of this like area so the internment camp there in the median of this around there's a big road there's like two lane kind of like are technically four lanes get

divider for

smoking because across the other ways, like a hospital where they can't smoke

so that so they're risking their lives in the middle of a four lane highway

highway. It's like they're like, you know, 30 miles per hour. It's it's like a slow down camp. It looks like a college camera.

I want to know the first guy that brave souls like fuck it. I'm going as little distance as possible. I'm a smoker,

smokers Island.

I was like, bro wire all these weirdos in the median smoking and he's like, Oh, they can't. That's the only place they can release know. Otherwise I have to go like these designated areas like the airport. We go like, Oh yeah, you can go all the way over there. That weird hot box that is a full cigarette smoke.

They're getting their steps. And that's for sure

it was so but it would look like it looks like there's a fire alarm. Like it looks you know, like there's just people outside. Just a roll up on a place that you lived in. And there's a fire alarm going on. And you're like, why is everybody else? I don't get it. Yeah, hello? Yeah,

we should bring Henry in and talk about the WordPress stuff before we get too far gone. So yeah,

cuz we're yet is that say 28. My vision. Is that good? God damn is 29. But yeah, when I 2015 when I was 2020. Nobody cares. I should have been a pilot. But I was too busy.

Henry. Henry, are you there? Henry? Can you you're behind

the glass.

I'm here. I've got a delay of about three seconds.

We're going to just let you

end up on the other side of the United States. On remote. I'm going

to we're going to ask question and then just let you go until you run out of steam. How about that?

That's the only way I work. Yeah,

that's how you do Skype interviews. By the way, if you ever do a remote one, you just kind of stock a big question and then just let them rent

for a while, immediately started Eric's breathing method and just go

Let me tell you about that,

yeah or Damien's dropping loads either way. So I would say we were talking Wednesday morning, you drop some knowledge on me. We do a lot of web development you are I would say well, more. You're more than that UX UI. Part of development design for online digital web development, app development. But I know the market share of content management systems, most small medium, businesses that have their sites, websites, a lot of people get stuck in WordPress, I hate WordPress, because it sucks. The interface sucks for the client, once you hit it off, I hate hacky SEO companies. And I fucking hate hacky web developers that learn shit in 2008, and never ever ever thinks about the client. First, they always think about how they can burn in turn my thing for you, you drop some knowledge. And I'll let you riff about WordPress. And it almost I almost ejaculated when you told me this,

wow, that's the only

way that I'll start this conversation.

So WordPress is one of those things that is going to be something that's not going to go away particularly. But it's going to be something that has changed dramatically from two weeks ago, like or let's say, a month ago, right now, at the beginning of the year, you know, we're we're hitting a lot of technology strides. And WordPress is struggling to keep up. They definitely do have a good piece of the developer market share, though, just because they are the biggest community and they've now been adopted by a lot of the corporate giants in terms of a content management system to us. So they have their place and they need to stay updated. What's interesting is, is that and I'll go and hit the positive or the high sides of it first, and then we'll dive deep. But on the positive side, you know, they're heading in the right direction. They're validating things like Squarespace is doing and others by creating, you know, the page builder type experience that mostly its intent is to allow you to, you know, lay things out in several columns across the screen, and really start to be a little bit more of a designer as opposed to just dropping text on a screen. And I always say, just from a general design standpoint, that we're no longer in the era of creating business brochure websites, we need to kind of create that website for the consumer, it all comes down to how you can use that website and what all you can do on it. So WordPress, just to go ahead and say it ahead of time. You know, it is that giant in a way from a developer's platform that is an easy content management system. For the most part for our customer. It does have a lot of quirks. That's number one. And number two, it has a huge ability to kind of fail on you, the more that you customize it. And third, it has plugins that are reliant on the exact versions that you're you're that you know, the plugins are set up for the WordPress version. So you've got to keep the plugins updated with the WordPress core that they're updating behind the scenes whenever So bottom line right now, don't hit the

don't hit the update,

it will break your site. That's number one. Any sites that were done before one month ago and WordPress that have the word custom involved, you don't update your website, there are so many websites breaking right now. Because these clients who have been impacted to run their own website with WordPress, the content management system also think that they kind of know how to run you know, the website and when you do something like that, you break something in such a way where you're going to find yourself in a pickle when you've got to basically redevelop parts of your site. So that's where WordPress starts to take a little bit of a sticky or fall Gutenberg is the name of WordPress 5.0. And so Gutenberg is the one that we're all going to be kind of building for. But the number one thing to know is this is so new that everybody you know, everybody's got to be careful.

That's that's what Steve Gutenberg Academy yeah I thought I quit acting more thing is back you wonder what he was doing all these years. Yeah, man since diner I you know, I love him. So here's why this big deal. Your website is your salesman while you sleep is your brand when you're not there. For most of you. It's it's a big fucking deal if your site is down and what these hacks do, but to get fired up I might have to do another episode I just cuts out these guys. But what these guys do,

I'm gonna hit like Ric Flair like whoa.

But what these guys do is they put these plugins in their apps that are basically running in the background that look like they're doing the work but they're not. That's not that's fucking bullshit. That's not how you create margin if your website developer that's how you create you do it by being efficient, not by throwing a bunch of shit in there and then ripping off people. I'm done.

I managed to keep that pretty. I thought I was going to go longer.

Oh, on that note to time I tried to keep it keep it tight. Thank you Henry for freaking us all out

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