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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Legally Approach Digital Property + Small Claims Court w/ Steve Fantetti, Fantetti Legal

Steve Fantetti is a power small business and corporate attorney, law school professor, owner of Fantetti Legal, co-host of The Triple Option podcast and a former college football wide receiver.

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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Protect The Vulnerability Of Your Small Business w/ Steve Fantetti Esq.

Power Business Attorney Steve Fantetti talks with Law about

  • Legal Documents For The Beginning Of The Year
  • Audit your company’s documents
  • Productivity apps: Evernote, Slack
  • Potenital legal changes for Trump’s presidency 
  • Freelancer / Independent Contractor legal hurdles
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5 Business F Ups That I See Everyday

This listicle** consists of 5 business fuck ups I see everyday.  Most startups or small businesses launch because the owner/operator is very skilled at the primary service and/or product.  The theme of this article is "know thy self".

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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Legally Protect Your Business w/Steve Fantetti, Business Attorney

Steve Fantetti, Esq. (B.S., J.D., LL.M.) is a business attorney and founder of Fantetti Legal LLC. Steven has 5 years of legal experience as a law clerk, associate attorney, in-house legal counsel, corporate legal counsel, and legal consultant.

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