A Handy Chart Of Online Advertising Platforms #KnowledgeBase #TocoWorks

In an effort to bridge the digital chasm for our clients and any potential client looking for a firm with communication skills, we are creating a series of slides for our TocoWorks' Knowledge Base. 


I love online advertising because it is efficient and works while you sleep.  The digital advertising landscape can be confusing because each platform has its own backend system and new platforms, like Snapchat's advertising, will continue to pop up as consumer preferences become more detailed and fragmented.  

This graphic should help illustrate your advertising options.  The next question to ask is where does our target market lie?    

  • B2B company? You should kick the tires on LinkedIn ads 
  • Trying your hand at the women's jewelry game with an online store? Pinterest Promoted Pins could get those visuals out there. 
  • Selling a product with a video tutorial? YouTube just added a new feature to slide a product ad in the right 1/3.  
  • Maybe you're a local company in a transient beach town that needs some brand awareness?  Waze advertising might be more efficient than a billboard. 

Do I miss any platforms?  Hit the comments section below!