Increase Your Civic Spirit With The City Of Tampa's New Brag Video

The City of Tampa posted a video to boost about Tampa's current status and future plans. Surprisingly, most of the YouTube comments are actually positive.  I have always said, "Tampa's identity is that it doesn't have an identity."  Tampa is still considered a lily pad city for young professionals, but now that 2, 3 or 4 generations of Tampanian families reside in Cigar City, civic pride feels like it's growing.   

I hope this video helps lure national businesses to move their headquarters to a downtown that's pushing away from a non-residential downtown landscape of yesteryear that looked like Bane's Downtown Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises.  I hope this video keeps Vinik's projects and his powerful friends interested in a city that has yet to realize its abilities.  Ohhh, maybe that's our slogan "Tampa: The C+ Student With Tons Of Potential That Got It's Shit Together As An Adult." I agree. It is too verbose. 

I hope the next time they make a video, they call us at Tocobaga Consulting and our friends at 208 Monkeys.  I'm not trying to chew on the team that made this video, but let's up our game if this is a marketing pitch or retainer for Vinik's interest. It's tough to produce innovate, creative work for any level of government because their risk management is too concerned with a chance at offending anyone. Two easy, cost-effective fixes: find local musicians for the score using blogs like ZeroWarning ( and Suburban Apologist ( and for motion graphics grab some transition and overlay Adobe After Effects templates.  


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