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Here's The Reason Your Wordpress Website Probably Isn't Firing from Sweat Equity with guests Damian Alpizar of 208 Monkeys, Henry Hollingsworth of

So WordPress is one of those things that is going to be something that's not going to go away particularly. But it's going to be something that has changed dramatically from two weeks ago, like or let's say, a month ago, right now, at the beginning of the year, you know, we're we're hitting a lot of technology strides. And WordPress is struggling to keep up. They definitely do have a good piece of the developer market share, though, just because they are the biggest community and they've now been adopted by a lot of the corporate giants in terms of a content management system to us. So they have their place and they need to stay updated. What's interesting is, is that and I'll go and hit the positive or the high sides of it first, and then we'll dive deep. But on the positive side, you know, they're heading in the right direction. They're validating things like Squarespace is doing and others by creating, you know, the page builder type experience that mostly its intent is to allow you to, you know, lay things out in several columns across the screen, and really start to be a little bit more of a designer as opposed to just dropping text on a screen. And I always say, just from a general design standpoint, that we're no longer in the era of creating business brochure websites, we need to kind of create that website for the consumer, it all comes down to how you can use that website and what all you can do on it. So WordPress, just to go ahead and say it ahead of time. You know, it is that giant in a way from a developer's platform that is an easy content management system. For the most part for our customer. It does have a lot of quirks. That's number one. And number two, it has a huge ability to kind of fail on you, the more that you customize it. And third, it has plugins that are reliant on the exact versions that you're you're that you know, the plugins are set up for the WordPress version…

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Sweat Equity Podcast + Streaming Show Mini: How To Use All The Buffalo w/ Samantha Gant of Social Alchemy

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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Explain Why Squarespace Is Better Than Wordpress, Wix, Weebly And

Tocobaga Consulting's Law Smith and Eric Readinger record the 1st trial run of mini Sweat Equity podcast episodes to focus on one nerd agency thought.  Why is Squarespace the best CMS - Content Management System? Why are developers attached to Wordpress?

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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Market Your Podcast And Any Other Business w/ Carmen Morales

Carmen Morales is a comedian and host of the new podcast No Sir I Don't Like It where Carmen and fellow comedian Bryan Vokey & talk about things they don't like from people to politics, nothing is safe. With some of your favorite comedians as guests.

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