How To Learn From Your Mistakes - transcript from Sweat Equity Podcast

Transcription (unedited) using of episode #180 of the Sweat Equity podcast How To Learn From Your Bone-Headed Mistakes and Spring Back Into Action Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero

Eric Readinger 0:18

I'm sorry.

brought it up.

Law Smith 0:28

So I sound All right. Yeah, we sort amazing. We're doing this, man. I was thinking about morning radio. We're doing this Monday morning. The day we try to have one Monday, Thursday now, right. And so, you know, it's one of those things where we we are not morning radio guys, because how about would that set to get up? You have to get up at like, we could do it. You could do it. But you're, I guess you're on that schedule for a while. I I'd have trouble with it for

Eric Readinger 0:59

it would mess up my workout routine? Yeah, you'd

Law Smith 1:02

have to get up at three. I was up at 330 today, baby. Well, they got to get in and by six for drive time, I think but you gotta be like Ready to go? Yeah,

Eric Readinger 1:10

there's no like working out before you're doing show prep beforehand. They actually had like, you know, pre production topics to talk about

Law Smith 1:17

more or less. Yeah, I think you do it after run. Now you do it after. If you do any bits you're gonna I like I like doing the pre prep right after like an episode of this. ago that the next next episode, we'll talk about this. That's part of the creative process I kind of been implementing. Yeah, a little bit gonna fill

Eric Readinger 1:37

me in on it anytime.

Law Smith 1:39

Well, not for this show. But I'm saying like, if we're one word to do that

Eric Readinger 1:45

it is better when I just don't know.

Law Smith 1:46

Well, well, that you are the voice of a lot of people just does it nerd out on Harvard Business Review.

Eric Readinger 1:54

Stuff like I do. I'm playing a character of the every every man stupid guy. You're wearing glasses inside. can watch it on YouTube and Facebook. I'm wearing glasses inside for a reason. Because I'm running the board. I'm switching angles, and I'm doing all that. I don't want to start, you know, taking dumps on our producer john paul.

Law Smith 2:15

I hear a but here

7am Yeah, well, we had a snafu yesterday. And, you know, we had to get one in today. Here's the important lesson out of it. Because I was like, What can we take? We recorded one yesterday with a friend of the program comedian Matt Fernandez and and the audio is jacked up. And so we're like, Oh, we got to do one. Dog. I guess we'll just we'll do it in the morning. Right before we get published anyway. Typically, what time do you what time to set it to schedule it? Right about right about now? Because I noticed when I'm on iTunes, a lot of my favorite podcasts. They have all have a Monday episode usually. Yeah. Church of what's happening now? Yeah, WTF Chrome. A lot of them all have their Monday morning one and then we're timing out perfectly. Were ours is sitting on top of it. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 3:08

I've been messing around with the release times. I was going to get your thoughts on though. You think I mean? Because in my mind, it's like, right. If you put it out at say, 7:30am. It's a business podcast. Yeah. People go into business stuff. It's a good time. They're getting ready. Oh, that pops up blue. download that. And boo boo boo. I don't know. I think not paying for the market research.

Law Smith 3:31

I think a lot of people might have it. Like, I don't know if you haven't worked at downloads automatically. Yeah. For Yeah,

Eric Readinger 3:37

I definitely. But for my own cell, yes.

Law Smith 3:39

The default. I'm trying to go through the paces of like, what most people have if they have like, apple, iTunes, Apple podcast app, or iTunes, or laughable, or Spotify or what else will play? Yeah. I think a lot of people haven't said to download probably before they leave their place. So download on Wi Fi kind of thing. Mm hmm. Because you live in a big city. You're in bus? You're, you're in the subway. Yep. You're sitting in your car forever. La. Yeah, I would say, you know,

it's probably good that.

I don't know, if you're looking at impression. Because the way I was looking at it was like, our sits on top ahead of all the other ones on top of mind, king, king of the mountain. Yeah. However, if you are a business listener, or you're like a business person that gets up early, like you do, to write out, they probably want it, it might be nice to wake up to it. So I don't know, we can play with it. It's always an A B test. And this is, I always like to make bets. And that's why I like this, why like the work we're doing at Tokyo Baraka as, like consulting is kind of like, is very similar to like Freakonomics kind of stuff. You're just kind of making bets on behavior. In an advertising or kind of engagement, kind of thing. I need more explanation. So what is economics? Really? Right? It's kind of it's the study of how like humans behave in a society essentially.

Eric Readinger 5:11

Sure. In a way. Yeah. Free social contract of money. Really? Well, you know, everybody buys into this thing being worth something, right. We always talk about

Unknown 5:21

thing Marcus, Ramona says,

Law Smith 5:24

not Marcus Aurelius, Marcus, Ala Moana is the Prophet. He always says, you know, he's saying is all about like, it's just basic psychology. Right? So we're kind of mixing the two things together there. And those two definitions, you have basically how humans are going to behave in the economy. And you have, you know, when you really break down business, it's really about just basic psychology what I want, right? And so what we're doing on the call us an advertiser or marketing company, marketing agency, in this in this role, is we're trying to predict behavior without doing market research a lot of the time. Sure, we don't have the budget. Yeah, relying on our own kind of a b tests or just whimsy, we handle startup, nano, micro, small to medium business, whatever you want it,

Eric Readinger 6:18

whatever you classify, what's the difference between a nano and a microbe is no

Law Smith 6:21

one uses nano or micro I do. But we got Micro Machines will because everybody's definitions different. So you got startups that are just like most people that walked in here that are startup have no budget and and basically don't even have the idea flushed out. Right. And so that a lot of that is us extracting that out of them? Almost like a therapist not really doing much in that first session just going. What do you think that is? Yeah. And then sometimes you just need someone to ping pong stuff off of

Eric Readinger 6:53

Yeah, they think we have the answers. Well, we gotta get the question first.

Law Smith 6:57

I feel I go Do you know what a mission statement is? I basically just copy what my teacher did to me.

Eric Readinger 7:03

Sure. I mean, there's a reason they do it that way. Right? I have some things that you know, you and I, we like to rage against the machine. Yeah, it's the you know, normalcy of things. But there's a lot of things that have been flushed out for a long time that they do it a certain way for a reason. And that's one of them just because it keeps showing results.

Law Smith 7:22

Like I'm making it to do this right now. Because this is what I do early in the morning, but it's related. Because I know after this what I need to do. I have been doing a piss poor job of marketing this podcast. We're organically or MailChimp MailChimp account got shut down for for probably too many bounced emails on the initial one added a bunch of people yeah. But if you're out there your startup you're trying to do your own brand email marketing still number one. Yeah. So put when you in poor your first set of emails, try to make try to go through these grow. Yeah, kill all the Scots scrubbing. Yeah, kill all the you know, replies that if you're exporting out of like, expertise, anybody you've emailed in your from your Yahoo account? Yeah, that's you can't do it in

Eric Readinger 8:17

professors and things. Well, actually, they might be Yeah,

Law Smith 8:20

keep them any human that you think will actually have the email. But if you get too many people that hate you, and they they unsubscribe, that's

Eric Readinger 8:28

a red flag to get rid of the people you have beef with get on your email list off Constant Contact because that's it sucks. I don't know what is constant contact. I've heard it so

Law Smith 8:38

it's like a it's what AOL is to AOL is to Gmail to me. So females MailChimp, okay, AOL is constant contact.

Unknown 8:49

So it's just a shitty

Law Smith 8:49

email marketing. Okay, but they got their market penetration early. So yeah, market penetration. Nice.

Boehner that hits the table.

Unknown 9:04

Not doing it again.

Law Smith 9:05

If you have a square space site, I forgot about this. They made their own product email marketing product. Oh, yeah. We didn't talk about that. We can just do it from the sweat equity pod. COMM link it straight from the blog posts. I bet. We probably cruise control. Yeah. And I don't think they have in a year ago they they introduced it to agencies like us. Yeah, the squared circle, right? Because basically we're guinea pigs. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 9:30

For a new product right? Well, we're Squarespace circle members.

Law Smith 9:34

We should have like a Scientology like level higher than it like we should be like, I know.

Eric Readinger 9:39

It's just what do you get to be as Uranus Squarespace circle you get an email once a week with some brownies new banner image

Law Smith 9:48

you a shout out to Jason Brown. He'll answer some emails. He's like, number one Squarespace guy that I might this guy knows everything. But I think he got plugged corporate wise. There's like five people that enter all the other message boards. Oh, yeah, but it's good. Look, we didn't have that before. I still find some stuff there.

Eric Readinger 10:06

Well, yeah. But they did a like a blue balls release where they're like email marketing is coming out and you go to do it's like it was a garbage? Yeah. Well, it wasn't even functional. They really was routing to the wrong links and all this. It was like, okay,

Law Smith 10:19

that's why we're the we're not the first movers or even before that. I forget the

Unknown 10:25


Law Smith 10:26

kind of something like that. Yeah. Alpha, I think alpha. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 10:30

I mean, actually, I know I think about it's having the Squarespace circle, we do get some interesting discount, well, we get discount we get. But in terms of like building a site itself, we get the picture transitions that are built in that might not be there for everybody like their stuff, that's actual features that you could get access to ahead of time. But they also might not work right?

Law Smith 10:52

Well, still behavior, right? So they know we're going to check. It's all behavior breaks down to that. So they know that this they made some exclusive. This company, Squarespace made an exclusivity kind of thing, right? We're Hey, you do more than three sites, which is a low barrier to entry. Yeah. What is it exactly? We leveled and 50 in the last, I don't know, two and a half years or something like that, right? And it's like, Hey, we should be come on top level. Top Shelf. I mean, I'm protecting

Eric Readinger 11:25

my list is ridiculous. just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Yeah.

Law Smith 11:29

So it's like, when you log in, you're saying, Yeah, you just have so many contributor, sidebar, so many sites you own but

I don't want to get to that's kind of only exciting for us to to talk. But basically what they go is like if you if you are a Whole Foods shopper, you're going to probably get some discount on something they're trying out, like buying Whole Foods on Amazon, right? Or you're a frequent flyer, they're going to use you as a beta alpha or beta test to do it. Because you're probably going to be the most reliable feedback. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 12:05

Do we talk about my wife tried to do the Amazon Whole Foods thing? real quick. I'll be off air will real quick. My wife was like, Oh, you know, I got she got a disc is she got a gift card or something? Like to a promotional gift card? Yeah. And you order the food and she wanted to get meats and these different things. But they don't. They have yet to fill an order completely right. But if they don't have what you want, this has been a trend and it probably won't stick around that. They just give you something close and they'll charge you for it. Right? And then my cheap ass wife it's then turns into a game of

what do I think they're not going to have at the store?

Law Smith 12:49

Right? Oh, yeah, it's it's

Eric Readinger 12:52

a lamb shanks was like, you know,

Law Smith 12:54

they're gonna be out of lampshade. Right?

Unknown 12:56

You're like fine. I'll take the full a right I'll take it for free fine

Law Smith 13:00

lateral move. Doesn't matter. Yeah, really? But you're getting Are you getting wait so you're spending the same amount no matter what

Eric Readinger 13:07

you do. Oh, oh, you're getting free food.

Law Smith 13:09

Oh, that's right. I guess not

Eric Readinger 13:11

feel like they don't charge you for it. But then you get something on top of another referee actually did not say I'm going to try and do this. But I called her

Law Smith 13:19

subconscious. subconscious. Well, a movie I reference I tried to bring up last week off air was punch drunk love and yeah, but that's a similar here's, you don't remember the beginning of the movie Sandler? is and this is a real life story. A guy that figured out how to game the system of buying putting.

Unknown 13:39

He bought all this fucking putting for airline miles. Yeah, yeah,

Law Smith 13:41

I figured out that whatever it is, for, let's say every three packs of putting you buy. He was getting a value of like, $10. So it was like three bucks. Yeah. $10 for the airline miles, right. So you just went to every store bought all this outing and then cut out everything and then send it in? Why do we like those stories so much? There's another one where a guy bought the lifetime ticket in like 1972 that they're like, it was like 200 grand and the guy fucking ran it into the ground. Right? If you're really next to the guy if you're like that guy, son. Like you had to go with them and buy all this put in and shit. You'd be like, Dad You have asked Yeah, exactly. Yeah,

Unknown 14:21

no, I from a distance really a good for you?

Law Smith 14:26

Man Yang, and it. It was an obscure story that really only in that movie, which wasn't a huge movie. Was that a part of the movie? Yeah.

Eric Readinger 14:36

Okay. I obviously did not

Law Smith 14:38

remember Oh, struggle with Philip Seymour Hoffman is like,

Eric Readinger 14:42

he's worth watching the whole movie. I love when you do the thing that you try and convince that's more of the movie that I haven't seen. Yeah,

Law Smith 14:49

that's a dad move. And so

what I'm saying is realized that because he's at the system, someone actually followed the rules. Because we don't believe some of those things work. Right. Right. So there's a weird there's a weird not we don't really trust these promotions a lot of time. Yeah, that's on a corporate level. The end user doesn't know. You know, if this if this McDonald's Monopoly game is actually legit. Right? Do you know anybody? That's why

Eric Readinger 15:22

there's no boardwalk, you know, do not a billion people. You know, so many people that love McDonald's monopoly. That is a great. I mean, it is like, I want to go to McDonald's and by French fry right to get I mean, I know it's all bullshit.

Law Smith 15:36

But well, you know, who wins I think and that is employees. Guys, you travel a lot because it's regional tabs a lot of the time Yeah, but it's still luck of the draw. No, no, it's still look at the drop but they think in a gaming rules, whatever, you still have to have a certain amount put out there. So if you live in one area you live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, you you're gonna you're gonna get Marvin gardens the yellow one, but you're not going to get in the other and yellows there's going to be a very small amount know you'll get the

Eric Readinger 16:07

you'll get two or three or like you'll be one there's always the one that's hard to get and then there's a million

Law Smith 16:13

so I heard the traveling guys because they have to a lot of certain amount to make it a fair game or something like that. Like you go in jeopardy. My friend works on Jeopardy. She was telling me like, she's like one of the corporate attorney. She's like, Oh, dude, there's so many rules when you sign that

Unknown 16:27

like to be a contestant. Yeah.

Law Smith 16:28

Because they're because of that. Another movie. That's really good. called Quiz Show. Yeah. That was a real, but that was real shit. Yeah. So you try to game it like,

Eric Readinger 16:39

or like the guy on the pressure luck. But that

Law Smith 16:41

didn't be money.

Eric Readinger 16:43

No, he didn't cheat. You just have your laptop. Yeah, yeah.

That I mean, Miami. That was one that was like, in retrospect, they're like, oh, when he gets it 40 times in a row. Oh, we

Law Smith 16:54

shouldn't have this on just the same schedule. Because Yeah, if you did say down and watch it and kind of back out, you're like, Oh, this

Eric Readinger 17:02

clearly has a pattern. Oh, you could record it and just go through and market them a little piece

Law Smith 17:06

paper. I had to be like, back in the day when you didn't have when you had like, Betamax or whatever. Yeah, not VHS. So it's harder to kind of, I guess, I don't know everybody's code out of their mind when that show came about? What the fuck is? Yeah, what does any of that have to do with anything? Everything was a good idea of coke. So Well, there you go more behavior. Right. So you can kind of blame stuff on on early 80s. You can't blame it on what were people doing? Right. Okay, we're okay. or late 80s. You had reaganomics you had in that reaganomics era? Drugs? Yeah. Right. And so that had a backlash. That was a negative, right. Big time for me at least was negative some though, right. The more they pose. Yeah, the more drugs like the more drugs people did now. It's not one to one correlated, but it is that thing of like, you. You're not helping the campaign, but just saying knows, like, the fucking week is right as a default. I hate that.

Unknown 18:07

Just work day. And yeah. Like, oh, how about maybe we have a discussion about it?

Law Smith 18:12

Well, it's zero tolerance. tolerance. So it's telling everybody Hey, don't think exactly don't use any discretion.

Eric Readinger 18:20

Just trust us. Right? marijuana is going to cause you to rate

Law Smith 18:24

painful time. Whoa, okay. That's where

Eric Readinger 18:27

they were go with it. That's how extreme a word it's just like, what I mean, have you seen reefer madness

Law Smith 18:33

doesn't say that. That's that. Right. That was Hearst that made that up. William Randolph Hearst? Oh, yeah. Because he had to him but that that that didn't want to have movie. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 18:44

that movie in itself, you know, set the tone for an entire generation, who then came in with that? Basically a racist attitude to Yeah, get rid of it. And then Mexicans are smoking reefer. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah,

Law Smith 19:00

it was a big Mexican day, dude. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 19:02

marijuana's a Mexican name. Oh, yeah.

Law Smith 19:06

It's not even the real. That sounds like the real like real name of it. Right? It's not that it's I don't even think it's called Sweet guys. I don't

Eric Readinger 19:14

even think it's like, you know,

Law Smith 19:15

plan the real ones called tweet. Know, it's called nasty rags you get from your buddy. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 19:22

Milo. Yeah, they put the Hispanic spin on it so that the white people would hate it more.

Law Smith 19:28

Hmm. I don't even know. I didn't know that. I didn't know that was like a brand new. Like, that's probably second to the swastika. Right as the rebranding, rebrand of all time. in a bad way. Well, because a lot of people don't know. That's the Indian sign of peace. Yeah, swastika. And if you look at it, you're like, oh, kind of makes sense. Because it's symmetrical. It's like we have one on our event for some reason up here that you

Eric Readinger 19:55

know, I cleaned it now. It's just a dub Plus,

Law Smith 19:57

I still see it.

But that is gone. A lot of I say that just to shock some people that I think are paying attention and meetings. They want to talk about my bag brands. Did I mess up your No, no, I don't know not, not the actual event swastika we had we just had a dirt that immediate dirt that build up on this thing that look like a swastika. And then every 40th person would walk in and be like, What's that? What's the deal with the swastika? Like, we can't just stop there. We're not. We're not getting set and putting it up there.

Eric Readinger 20:30

It took me like 30 seconds.

Law Smith 20:32

Right? I was like, Oh, this is easy. What I'm saying is I tell people to see if they're paying attention. Sometimes if I'm talking about a rebrand, and we're starting at zero, right? There an ops kind of person or a math kind of person. And I go, well, the biggest rebrand of all time was, you know, the swastika? And they're like, what? Kind of like I did just now when you said rape, and I go, yeah, I only heard rape. Really? Yeah. Because I was already I wasn't listening. I was thinking about something to say after Yeah.

Eric Readinger 21:03

But, but we stopped in your tracks,

Law Smith 21:05

but that thing of like, Oh, okay. He just basically took the opposite of what that meant. And now it forever will be the SS army. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 21:16

stuff. So yeah, ruined it for everybody.

Law Smith 21:19

So again, we going back to kind of how people interact with each other. On a basic level. Yeah, we see that now. That message means bad. Mm hmm. And it causes a big gross feeling in the room. Awkward. Oh, yeah. I mean, now, the worst is when white power guy comes into this office, and he's like, hell yeah, buddy. Where's the swastika? He's like, Fuck, yeah, I see. You got it under arrogant, real subtle, real? Yes. And then he winks and I'm like, we're not on your team, man. Yeah. I know.

Eric looks like it. But he's, it's just a shaved head thing that we don't like American history at. You can't two handed backwards jam. Edward Norton. You can't do it. Don't do that. And then move in jeans. Yeah.

Unknown 22:08

In jeans. It's the most unbelievable shit. And any movie is he like every other vendor who can

Law Smith 22:14

play a lot better,

Eric Readinger 22:16

like more believable, more athletic with the curves.

Law Smith 22:19

more athletic is the bat. They played. He played movies that you haven't seen so

Eric Readinger 22:24

long, but I'm trying to remember if you play basketball was it like the weird awkward? Just

the one thing actors can't do is act like they're athletic. What do you think is 5859? Yeah,

I always assume they're always like five six.

Law Smith 22:38

Well, he's jacked, right? He's got like Tom Cruise jack, those guys that are shorter can get jacked a lot easier. Yeah, I guess so. I don't know what that is. But

Eric Readinger 22:47

lots of times arm length. Think about having to push Wait a lot closer. Like if you're if you're if your bench pressing. You literally have to push the weight not as far as maybe I would know bike you're doing less work. I can do I can I

Law Smith 23:02

could do 300 on on bench but I could be so soft everywhere else because I got T rex arms. Yeah. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 23:10

Might be tough to do some Rose.

Law Smith 23:12

Rose. Rose are tough. Vincent right now. I could. I could do one power set. pretty soft right now. But as far as reps, lot of reps, yeah. You gotta about the posture. Don't worry about that heavyweight. I'm just making sure you don't have an error message on the


Eric Readinger 23:32

One over there you think you see, stay focused? Hey, what lessons that we learned yesterday, we started talking about that.

Law Smith 23:37

Well, here's the thing. Well, one of us messed up on the audio and that's fine. And I by thing is always like, I'm not mad. No. accident. Yeah. But you know, those people that get pissed. I think that's the lesson. If we take away anything, it's like, call it working in collaboration. Call it maybe you're a manager. Right? That you've become that dick manager that you said you never going to be? Yeah, or maybe you're delegating out. A lot of people use up work and, and other like gig economy style, ways to get their brand going. Mm hmm. You know, you need to make a website, you'll go on there and maybe hire someone in Indonesia, but you don't know how to project manage. Really? Yeah. And you do you crack the whip? Because you think that's how a lot of guys get rich? Right? It's just a bad management style, I think. I mean, you can get more out of people. But if they honestly make a mistake, I don't get the people that are like fuck, yeah,

Eric Readinger 24:39

I mean, you know, the anger things like

Law Smith 24:43

now, there's five times in a row, then we gotta, I gotta figure this out. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 24:47

then you could be angry at somebody in competence. If they're just straight up neglecting what you may be told them to do, or whatever process they're supposed to put most of the time. Getting angry is nothing but badness, just bringing the negativity into the situation and adding on to the pile of shit.

Law Smith 25:03

But good thing about doing a 33 minute podcast is it's not look if it's three hours. That's another that's another thing but like, right, we got up there were like we're facing lunch with Matt Fernandez. Right, the way I look at it.

Eric Readinger 25:16

Well, we also got some stuff done. We got some john paul did do some nice video footage is a little sizzle, sizzle reel going. We talked about the script that we're punching up with Matt. So we got some stuff done. But yeah,

Law Smith 25:29

two separate kind of gigs. I mean, this, this is a passion project until it starts making money. So I can't really get mad at anybody doing anything, right? Yes, it's like, repeating just the same shit. And it's really wasting everybody's time. But for the most part, all he does is add value. And, you know, in an in kind kind of way uses the office, I think that's kind of our kind of mutual relationship as far as not being able to pay. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 25:58

I do. I would do want to be clear, you know, a lot of this stuff that's been set up for the podcast, I've done personally. And it's patch, I take responsibility, like I should have checked it. I don't know, I'm normally like, run a test on the audio, whatever, make sure everything's up and good. And and when we have a guest, it's just like, I don't want to make this guy sit here and watch me, you know, do all this stuff. So let's just get going.

Law Smith 26:21

We're trying to rent this the studio out to a lot of people that I try to explain to my dad. And he's like, I don't understand why. And I'm like, well, it's wasted square footage, you know, right here all the time. And he's like, well, we can't sublease it right. I'm like, why did you just jump to that? But Mike? No, they can just be a retainer clients. And one of us will be here when they're doing it. So as a producer, so right.

Eric Readinger 26:47

It's not like a sublease. It's a you know, rental.

Law Smith 26:50

I don't even know it was like, didn't you figure out how to listen to ours? How do you not get it? Yeah. So it was an odd conversation. He had a hold one yesterday, so I really yeah, in a

Unknown 27:02

tournament to do you want a car or you just lost about six inches.

Law Smith 27:06

He just hit my chair. He. He was in a Master's tournament plane and on the course replays every Saturday, Sunday, basically, hold one Wow. Yeah. And then they give you a bottle, bourbon or whiskey. And you basically have to you don't get to drink it on your own. Yeah, share it with

Eric Readinger 27:26

everybody. I love the Holden one rules is hey, guess what? You're now paying for everything to me. I forgot about it.

Law Smith 27:32

Ya know, they gave him $500. But that went away. He probably lost money after you have to buy everybody around. Yeah, because it's the Masters day too. So everybody's playing.

Unknown 27:42

everybody's watching. Everybody's into golf. I didn't

Law Smith 27:45

know it started early. I was gonna put it on in here. And then I didn't know that. I know.

Eric Readinger 27:48

My dad texted me Tiger one. I was like,

Law Smith 27:51

only terminological like, what? It's the only one. I know. I don't know why.

Eric Readinger 27:55

I like the majors. Nice on a Sunday. Nice background noise. Right. Right. Right.

Law Smith 28:00

finished doing our work earlier than I thought. So I was like, maybe I'll put this on. And then

anyway, over. So what did we learn? Like, what do you learn from taking them all again? Right. You know, we had to do over in so

a, I never get mad if someone is trying to do something like someone tries to they borrow your car. And then you know, suck. It gets scraped? Yeah. Right. And I'm never like, what the fuck? But if that if that friend borrowed your car lot, and it always came back with something fucked up. Yeah, then you get to have a fistfight with your body. But like, other than that, you know, if the intention is good, I'm not going to get pissed. I know it.

Eric Readinger 28:47

I don't understand people that, you know, they can't take the time to think about the intention of things. It's like, most people are not trying to go around and fuck everything.

Law Smith 28:58

There is a very self present vacation part of life. Right? Well, thank Hey, man, you gotta fuck that person before they fuck yeah. Like what? Yeah. And I think a lot of people put their guard up when conflict happens. And they go this. And they take it personally to Yeah, take it personally mid semester. Don't know.

Unknown 29:18

Right? I took responsibility personally.

Law Smith 29:21

Right? You do. You did the head coach thing. I do this to me too far. That way. Because that's how you're you're either you're raised, or you kind of apply that early on in your life where, you know, you said you see these postgame interviews is like, Look, I take full responsibility for our kicker missing a 45 yard

Eric Readinger 29:43

field goal, even though it is only

Law Smith 29:47

ya know, what the hell is problem? We shouldn't have been that well, but I always like it. If they really care. I always think they say we shouldn't have been in that position to have to kick the field goal anyway. Right. And so I feel like part of part of me things the way you're thinking like, man, we should have your age for in as a second shooter, or we should have a drop down Mike by now that I've been talking about for years, and we should be have it, we should have a drop down like that just has for meetings, and I was gonna say for meetings will be good. And so part of me was like, man, I should have said this room up a little bit better for conferences to and that would have solved that problem, in a way.

Eric Readinger 30:29

I mean, yeah, but it's all little changes that are you know, we're, this place look different. Every time we come in, you know, it's getting better. We're getting a little tiny steps. We had

Law Smith 30:39

entrepreneur Ed peels in here on Friday, he's gonna get his podcast going in here. And he was like, blown away. And I'm like, Hey, man, I'm not satisfied. And he's like, Yeah, I like that. Yeah, I was like, good.

No, but he gets it good. Because he's not satisfied either. Yeah. 65 wants to start pocket. That's awesome. I love that. And I go, look, you have so much wisdom that will have him on soon. But I was like, You so much wisdom to impart, you know, will handle the other stuff for you. You just need to get on and talk. Yeah,

Eric Readinger 31:11

I mean, you know, at this point, we've got the knowledge of getting these things up and going so much that it's like, almost mean, not help the people. It's like, we could totally be

Law Smith 31:21

Nope, it's kind of like a file. It's kind of like doing stand up jokes. You hate all your jokes, and then you do them. And then it's like, oh, for the audience. They don't know that you've done this a bunch of times and you hate them. I know. To them, sometimes. It's awesome. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 31:38

And then it's a faint Two Minute Warning.

Law Smith 31:41

Sometimes, like, you know, sometimes you're doing food truck pun jokes, like the math. Like a master like I am. I'm not gonna do two girls.

Two girls in a coffee truck.

And they may it's called two girls, one cup of coffee. I knew it was I knew it. Before you said you've heard it.

Unknown 32:06

You ever heard that one? I could have just seen where that was going to start out with two girls. Well, it always ends with

Law Smith 32:13

I do three of them. And then that ones in the middle. So you don't really you're not really thinking that way. Yeah, I got I just throw you on. Yeah. So my thing was, you know, we're getting more interesting people in here. Hopefully, better guests. And those last guests.

Eric Readinger 32:30

Sounds like

Law Smith 32:32

no, no better. Yes. Yes, we need to get we need to market this show. After mentioned email marketing through square spaces, email product, I need to write a little bit more content. All these things are doable. It's on a to do list. Don't get overwhelmed. It really is so easy. So it's something that we could wait You know, like this and write it out and like before anybody's awake then I have no excuse. Right? You know, I did do a sponsor I ran an Instagram add with when we had our Jinx moment. Oh, how much how much you push?

Unknown 33:06

It was I think we spent

Law Smith 33:07

for those listening when you promote a post or boost a post that technically isn't add I just always Oh, yeah. clarify what you're paying really knows that. Yeah. No, I mean, it's organic is no pay. And at you know, they're trying to lead you in Facebook and Instagram, which just Facebook really, they're trying to lead you in with that boosted post promoted. Yes. That's how they get you a $5 certainly gives you a little bit

and you might have early on success with it because they want to they can manipulate that. Yeah.

Eric Readinger 33:38

First time doing it. I haven't done I hadn't done a lot of Instagram stuff, but it looks like I think it's good. Yeah,

Law Smith 33:45

we need to steal an intern from to eight monkeys across the hall for YouTube. Yeah, we got no views on that. Yeah, well, let's back up that

Unknown 33:55

way. Thanks for listening.

Law Smith 33:58

Did it stick around for

how you can help this podcast?

Eric Readinger 34:04

sweat equity pod calm. What else you want?

Law Smith 34:07

It'll be

Eric Readinger 34:11

forgot about the culture.