Our #LessonsLearned Series: Tocobaga Consulting Is Celebrating 2 Years Of Gaining Wisdom

Wisdom seems to be an old fogie word in this day and age. Hell, phrases like "old fogie" and "in this day and age" are old school to anyone in the business-consulting-industry-with-a-focus-for-digital-services-applied-from-a-holistic-approach.**

Tocobaga Consulting turns 2 years old this month! We thought it would be nice to share some of the wisdom we earned along the way. Think of these lessons like Instagram stamped fortune cookies - except the message inside isn't vague hoo-ey. The #LessonsLearned posts are mostly pragmatic quips we piggybacked from those older folk that have been there (old fogies).


**There isn't a catch-all phrase or elevator pitch that explains our company...yet. Stay tuned. We're working on it.