Toco-Playbook: Successful Blog Post Template + Essentials For Attorneys

by Law Smith

Blog post template

(your sections are in bold, our action items are normal font)

  • Photo
  • Title
  • Subtitle / article excerpt
  • Writer's info (linked to jump code at the bottom)
  • Text
    • Overview
    • Point 1
    • Point 2
    • Point 3 if applicable
    • Conclusion
  • Call to Action 
  • Writer's bio snippet

Enhanced Engagement / Reader Retention 

    • Can we add any images, photos or video to improve the post?
    • Can we bait readers to comment?
    • Can we push readers to more posts within our website?

Content push

  • Social post copy for each platform 
    • hashtags for social post (if applicable)
  • Image preview sized correctly for social?


  • Over 250 words (search-able) 
  • If you can explain something in two ways for two audiences, that's the best.  Your two audiences are lawyers and everyone else.
  • Legally and ethically okay to talk about
  • We'll be able to use actual photos or stock photos (same for video if applicable) 

We can't give away all our marketing secrets for attorneys and law firms...

Did we leave out any blog post must-haves?  Comment Below!