Sweat Equity: How To Assess A Business Personality Test. We Take The Advanced Personality Questionnaire On AsherStrategies.com

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Law and Eric stress over the results of their Advanced Personality Questionnaires (as they would have no matter the results). Anyone interested in testing current or potential employees can gain insight as to how they work, if you can tolerate the fellas complaining about the functionality of the testing website. 



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Hotty Totty! God Almighty! this is the sweat equity podcast while I was trying to time it out with us going live in a sit in this everything I like 90s rap to open the show I like that I do want you we are on Facebook live right now want you screwed that way a little bit closer so you don't look like anything you like I can admit like for some reason initiated by you look at your twice the size of my head is always good to be big that we can cannot can you figure that out let's do a little a whole book we do for what would you last time fresh fresh books like sweat equity podcast we have sponsors help us just by clicking on it even if Yorty have accounting software helps it helps the team yes the team almost looked we've got about thousand listeners but that the listeners we have are high quality I tell people that think about being in a room with a thousand people talking about what were going over this is good be many episode because I'm up against it for a meeting at one less Eric wants rule solo after I leave but fresh books any accounting software you need invoicing you need automated things I'm kinda sick a QuickBooks worker move over to where my grade over fresh books in our listeners get a 30 day free trial hello if you go to go fresh books/sweat sweat go fresh books.com/sweat you don't say/anymore that's not cool that's not cool in the podcasting ad read game yeah will\for the programming that's true but you don't say/say/so go fresh books.com/sweat like Keith sweat like but sweat okay like but sweat keeping it mature I like it so we we want to get episode in we did last week ran through bonus episode in as always like podcasts chair with friend like subscribe like something I all that stuff yeah but I think we need to get a Facebook group going from the page because you can have a lot more engagement of people asking questions I want that when people ask questions I eventually want us to have it reducing live episodes people in real time asked some questions yeah I don't do the stupid one anymore little time you don't tell me what were doing I like hereinafter called stupid Simpson improv baby yeah I know improv everywhere you have to yet always be ready man will not I'm doing it yeah I know you didn't mean but you know it takes Repsol asked some questions so that I don't look so stupid so I would say you know we just took Asher strategies by the we would behoove to take a personality test was it Vance personality questionnaire I'm guessing a lot of people that actually taken this the more I thought about it the more I realized like this is a pretty popular test yeah what we just haven't had a real job why do you like like our Tour de France yet like a huge corporate job yeah it's not cheap before was 150 person which is expensive for law small many business out there but my thing I like I like this kind of stuff because I think we do with our branding guide we try to figure out what the client wants without they don't know how to articulate it right right and so to me it's the same thing we in her brain a question we ask like if your company was an animal what animal would be you know and some of those are red herrings this question some of those are just so those are hard to try and angulate what they can articulate we can't articulate maybe her personality a lot because it takes a lot of effort I think to figure out who you are and most people don't want to know who they are will or I think we are both fair to know we will have more that comedy comedian brain were your you can always thinking about it yeah and then it becomes too much analysis of yourself which you know is narcissistic but your heart yet you're hardest for them so what you read your stuff why pull mine up as I just finished right before we started yeah you might you should've waited to see your your result for you to know I'm right part of the test was I'm pretty open about my feelings yeah I answer that ME to all I mean it doesn't really give us it basically breaks it down into four personality types that are whole assigned to you and it offers a square grid with colors and very next decorations and they have directive driver expressive communicator reflective thinker supportive helper the four that it places you went to so think of four squares yes and I think the term given to give the but give the audio people on north south east west from Glover looking at directive drivers in the top left at the red squares and yeah will write this thing will there's more people this on audio I know but they can do scanners analyze expressive communicators in the right three reflective thinkers yellow the bottom left supportive helper blue the bottom right to talk about how you singsong he just explained that was a part of it you get a song question I would have nothing good but basically it told me that I'm just a bland plant like I it has been labeled as a unexpressive communicator but I am like almost dead center in the whole thing the whole grid which I guess can be in the call of an adapter that's good that's a good thing I thought I I think so I like me what Udo is aware I guess the certain complete youth you think you can apply somewhere you can have a tendency somewhere right and you see your plot as a negative because it's direct almost directly dead center right golden tell me know how it is a more questions about myself yeah but I think I mean if anything it's a good I think it's a good thing that you are invested in trying to figure yourself out physically and mentally a lot we we talk a lot about that stuff off air a little bit on-air but you know you're doing some of the outside the box wellness kind of things that does seem physical to most people but there actually mental I got annoyed you do the ice ice bath thing the wind half breathing method of just shocking your body doing something uncomfortable every day people think that's a physical thing I see it as a mental thing out with mental because if everybody can come to do it's not really that it's not like it's athletic thing I know I can tell people it's like anybody shortly if my mom can do it you can do it like you know mom will understand you might go tomorrow in there do an ice bath and you know she's done it yeah I know I don't really know what this tells me about myself select so I'm trying to find my results how do I do this search I'm looking in the root I'm right here right this website the actual website is not only great they need to update it call us click on that Lasher if they don't calls for discount – yeah Basher – or Asher so take that one and then you go to pick a job I think knowing I'm sorry go to home okay this is that there ago oh so were I click on to see this so that by the one on the far right is what I pulled up the house short okay and I can't wait to find a serial killer you are I know I'm probably like a sociopath I'm an expressive communicator looks like I have hi this is so funny so I was writing our core values is writing out a revamp of what were doing here writing what's our mission statement this is a good time here to do this if you if you're running your business trying to get your own thing going it's a good there's good to be either you schedule it and you go once a month or once 1/4 I need to look at what were doing goals lies and rewrite the business plan or more of what were working to do and because were not so routine is opportunities happen something came up for us so it was opportunity to go okay who are we what we do while we better what we do the best what do we want to do what are goals 12 end of the year people have time off is because there's not a lot going on between Christmas and New Year's it's like you were not think it will were in were not in that zone were people trying to dump their marketing budgets and us yes I have is for a lot of agencies are firms and so I literally on the board over there he saw me write it up earlier those of the trust and core values I put rice and I put empathy and egos went to you as we have empathy for a lot of small business owners the clients that they have her customers they have empathy for the vendor since the supply chain of whatever they're doing in so you know there's involvement of humans along the way and I think that's ultimately our best kind of core value to you can work on it people think it's a neat I think it's something you can really I think it's like a observational thing you just take the time to think about what's going on you can step outside yourself and seal somebody else might be feeling minutes I think it's very easily teachable yeah I mean in no don't confuse empathy with sympathy kind of thing yeah a lot of people do that it's not compassion yeah it's it's walk a mile in that person choose a lot of the time yeah law is nothing at the analysis of what's going on what's there their motivations to feel this way whatever be more trying to be more robotic about seven like to be an analytic lemming just don't take your own personal feelings about whatever you're trying to do and then step out look at it you can be more empathetic it will know because I just took this this a lot of the questions on this are like are you a feelings experience-based person or are you analytical YAG is research base owed by trek to test a little bit while I mean it's it 82 questions in the beginning 10 before you get to the city tour like I don't know if there's a part of the 82 number it takes us of person I can read quickly only like 15 minutes I don't read that quickly and I'm tired so things are like crossing literally Texas crossing over maybe I'm dyslexic that that's good but I'm saying the first 10 questions were like vocab quiz that I think some of the words are made up to test it because it's not tell me what this word means it's what is your familiarity with this word on a scale of 0 to 6 yeah I think it how do you have a three knowledge of a word I had some threes blog yeah I got to the point of world like wolves either zero or six like one was a saint and I was like that's if that's a five anesthetic up a five because unlike I'm I am almost positive I know but I'm not hundred percent so you know there might be an as yet another way to use the St. in the but if that's on that I didn't zero I put a one for familiarity I guess we did know the word dammit and go back so ever hundred dollars so it's Artie been noted by the reimbursed but what's it called so I am a high ego high empathy which I would've thought anyway I think there's more to the results that we haven't looked at yet but yet will the results they also evaluate you for certain site types of jobs outside sales long selling cycling account manager and it can't reach you on your ability I guess for your individual ability to do it I know you follow my nature to my knee-jerk reaction to this stuff is like and we I said it, flippantly before doing it I was like you know I don't like this because whoever you're kinda showing this to sometimes note the put you in a bucket forever a little bit yeah and like and it's not but this is a good test this isn't like some Facebook quiz know what celebrity you are the nearest to buy a personality wise you're Jennifer Lawrence did you know that but you your tail off Lawrence Fishburne myself but so this is like Myers-Briggs socks I've heard the flaws in Myers-Briggs a lot the Wunderlich for most NFL players take that yeah but then I think Wunderlich is like a brand that has other takers I've taken Wunderlich a job for the night so I think they do more than it's probably similar to Asher I thought that's more than IQ though diseases and IQ knowing at all actually it's not supposed to be so that's what the book out there is you off right makes you cut a panic in the weird thing was talking about is that how often they repeat questions because there's like basically answer each question twice on how one how you think the ideal candidate would answer and then how your true self would answer right is I think their testing hat if you're consistent will there's a few answer for four times is really so I think there's that part right I they repeat questions in the switch up the toggle of the answers so the next time around that's the switch wanted to know to be to one but I think you have to answer for the candidate it seems like what's the best human version without see I was answering like if I was the boss well okay so the translating but so there's that too because it shows management style so some bosses want like a call center kind of control right they don't want to hear employees and want to get the work done then want to hear about the problems and that's the way they might take in answer like I my people are more expressive and you know caring of other employees than I reserved in light choir Summit that and so and yet you choose the best one yet so one can't talk should about the other answer but it's not it's not absolute and you like I guess on the clip I felt like I was like Atlas shrugged Ayn Rand like super capitalistic picking all of my answers because I was like yeah you what about like locked right yeah what think you nice determines how your life is or site predestined or you can't control anything I was like in America I feel like you can I definitely answered that question like three different ways Billy Walters means different noble who I think might of been the exactly same worded question I think they change the wording of just a tiny bit to end and your couple of them maybe because it was like one was like to value the goals more yeah this is how people perceive your goals are some like that sounds like okay that's all messed up I could just got confused my ego drives a three empathy 71 I don't know what OS that's that's Laura saying the outside sales that's basically was I would OS stands for yeah okay and we should figure this out to me later or that's that's why podcasts are good because it's like it were going through like anybody else what's the account manager of an 85 Farmer what would you have seen unlike it makes me feel like that and I can't do anything but this is all sales oriented that's true customer support is my highest it's my highest scores at 52 Eagle Dr. and empathy I'm 51 on both of right in that meeting that's not bad though I think you can have too much you can have too much of any of the I think you might have a better you being right in the middle feels like it's a it's a fail for you but I actually think that might be the best situation because you get too much empathy not taking care of your room should and you get too much ego you know you become delusional or you become like just a hassle yet will I mean is not that II think it's a failure it's just like not it's so vanilla and and just not telling me much I don't think but I you know I guess it is like looking at the wrong way it's 82 questions Ken wanted to be like you should be a professional airline pilot school yeah Pam that's good a fortuneteller for that like Bill tell you whatever you want to hear, stuff you know what to be an airline pilot that would suck you into saying your ego would have to be crazy and you have have no empathy airline pilots are like that like they I saw some that was like the biggest alcoholics have that that part because they need the they need the rush and so like a lot of lawyers in this way pilots like high leverage situation would work hard play hard, and thus but they need a stripper met you I don't want my pilot to be soft the ego department right no I mean they mostly autopilot what is the part really do these days I don't know but it should goes down I don't want them to be like hey what you think by someone under you yeah guess I want to make snap decisions based on experience you know I talk this out first and empathy really care because they need a little bit so they don't want people to die on the flight but that's about all I want out of a pilot yeah so that's where I think that might be I don't know how annoying I think sociopathic would be like all all the way up you go zero empathy yeah that's precious like the definition yeah they like physically can't feel empathy for what they just caught the serial killer that was terrorizing Tampa and regulations and yet more importantly my neighborhood and my wife and I were talk about yesterday and site yeah dude sociopath like he he the story goes so far as I don't that the allegedly like he was at the McDonald's at coaster office and were doing this right now and he I guess used to work at that McDonald's came in was like you know getting no paycheck done in a brown bag covered up and headed to the manager was like hold on to this don't look at this and then left please to go to it like M Scott Summit that my cash check cashing places on another everywhere in the say-so under five NAR out of M Scott's well-known type of Western Union whatever and so he let go do that and then the manager manager or support with you is you being dodgy and there's a cop party in their eating and there like I mean it did so that they talk to this guy since then of the gotten any solution relative but I mean it like that they revealed anything about what his motives and not that I know of but I mean we we've been kinda mired in some work so we haven't really checked the news to too much but one of our clients this wrote a little opinion poster defense.com health also throw shout out for him for Brett Metcalf attorney power power when a criminal attorney you add power in front of it all her attorneys are working to do the Trump thing of like adding an adjective in front of people but were to make good ones do not like crooked Hillary were to say power Attorney Brett Mecca so I saw he had an opinion on that I'm excited to see that we've got a couple more minutes anything else on this test I I think it's interesting if you can spare the hundred $50 for your employees or you need to see what can a manager you are I think this is really useful yet to do it one time for sure you know release it if you're looking for direction in life maybe take this test will incite what we talk about are a lot of R-value here is talking to entrepreneurs because they have no one to talk to no way like almost a vocational therapist and I feel like you can get really mired in what you're doing or just really just really put the blinders on yeah personality wise and it's like oh I got I got the perfect example it's like the guy that has all girlfriends he doesn't have any dude friends like close guy friends that talk shipped to them right so like and I'm not sorry about the gay dude on timeout I just you have that one friend that basically has his best three friends are girls and they don't talk shipped to the good thing about guys is your guy friends will keep you and check yeah almost too much yeah but like beat you down it keeps you like hey that mustache is stupid you look like a pedophile like Jay that off and then you get clown in no more pedophile mustache or not the file right so I I always appreciated that Adam I hate her friends but I think is one of those things that tell you can appreciate leader when a W not in the moment if you didn't shoot on yeah but but that's what friends for me that's what kind I like my close guy friends are good for because a lot of people won't say that stuff the disco yeah and is your boy gets older trip yeah it'll be you'll see that important even more like like Hannah mom is going on avium little bit to get data multiple guests that I mean that's even that even plays them better for the profile that came out for use because that's where you want to be you can't freak out too much you don't parenting the kids are though develop a complex or if you too laid back no discipline we know how that goes you know so it's good to be the kind of likes in that sweet spot in a logging server for boys and girls but that's a whole other podcast oh yeah vote no genders are different did you know that oh my bad coming ensued now not by really a power attorney assigned to this First Amendment by a bunch of men and women and others are almost all the genders we have to go to shut it down down and we've got we've got some sorry genders I okay take I take back what is your sorry to all genders to every nine diseases are disease were out throughout them