Sweat Equity Podcast + Streaming Show Mini: How To Use All The Buffalo w/ Samantha Gant of Social Alchemy

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Music drag you out little light click minimum blower doing this many podcasts and whose locksmith as always Eric register cohosting with me and then special guest friend of the program multiple time guests owner of social alchemy that's S – alchemy.com right Sam Gant Samantha Gant if you're formal, let him hear it you gotta pull that Micah have a gallon gas you got a nice genteel voice so you got for that I got a mumbling voice I gotta get right on that robot deck of a microphone however elected on Dixon jets how I know people get it done I'll say robotic and they immediately go oh I need to get closer to the head of that I had to the Dickel right rent that's mainstream this will again is time so let's do let's do this to show little loader sponsor little let's get on the way not that out I'll bring it up three times I love them I love grasshopper were migrating over I keep saying were going to we have to because my business phone line that we share sucks it's it drops calls its Wi-Fi linked only really it's post the link to my cell phone but when you your iPhone their new iPhone comes out my iPhone gets downgraded like crazy so the eight came out my 7+ is turning into a pager slowly you and so so that makes my line to phone app a lot worse because it will try to ping on that that's what removed grasshopper our listeners get the hook up on a business phone line just little app that you can share this is why you want to get an extra line of Verizon or AT&T or whatever boost mobile if you gangster grasshoppers the virtual phone system our listeners get 50 bucks when they sign up using the special link try Grasshopper.com/sweat that's tried grasshopper.com/sweat will put the link in the episode description three we've had probably three clients use this and I've been thanked I don't know what we get back but everything we get back in it any ad we do any promotion we do it goes right back into this podcast maybe we can get some good gas I'm thinking about working to deal with the PR company so they can help us book some higher income from real ghosts I now not like me everywhere I think I knew that something to come across yet what I like you're not real I mean you've been on so many time to hear your you know your special guest host you can do drop ins we didn't know you were to come on no we didn't even know for you doing today so you know we tried it would try to jam the switch shoehorn this mini episode in 20 minutes 30 minutes it's like working out better we get that little one in the not doodle right we do it to get away from the computer screen that to slobbering is a little bit of a break got me we finally were all staring at screens is right now I know that I like different will now yeah it's not like looking at pixels on like Photoshop to be like is that is cannot yeah you got a perfect circle yet is that it is ever part of your brain yeah using well it's come it is one of the few conversations we have all day just to get it I mean what how are you all deal with that because I know were trying to work on getting out there little bit more into cryotherapy tomorrow just to get out of the office and get off get off the drift trap I want to do like an archery want to go shoot bows for summaries I've had the psych craving to do that and letting us so much I have another friend of the program to eight monkeys CEO archery at a wedding but I've had a hankering it is not just listen to Joe Rogan's podcast just like the had a Leica I had this with the one at I don't even know how to drive stick but I feel like a race of car I has no go past that just go pay all you do driving school to do the like bad ass driving school as I heard is awesome as a summer and had to go to Daytona Cross is a good place to learn needed for like three days and you learn like crash course yeah you do you can do burnouts and my bad ass cars and stuff I if you go to my life I do agree with Rogan and it's it's beneficial to go after something that you suck at you know you will suck at right so I know I'm a total bench that I don't how to drive stick but I don't either to sitting out like a cabin I found I could highlight was no life or death like I could figure it out while many are born notable for a 383 I'm 84 so it's kind it was almost obsolete a little bit the people and I Apsley and 89 yeah I mean I get your I was like the houses at 90s but yeah yeah but no say like it's it there's no point in a lot of ways because by the time we were 16 everything was pretty solid yeah that my eyes at my friends that still droops take act like the bad ass it's kind like the guys you don't whether Cifelli before how much of anything if you just can't get a new car but yet there's not like to be a new car that's worth the shed that you know unless you want that unless you really really seek that out but anyway I'm saying like it's good to go after some you suck at light parent take I suck at it I have hidden it on full force I still suck at it I guess you showing up that's that's parenting just showing up to this a lot of it effort efforts a lot of it the prophet the hard part is like there's no information to look anything up on because the mommy blogs of created fake news everywhere so it's like or even the old school stuff for you let your kids go out and play on top of the metal framework of a right right scaffolding outside what the didn't know what they were talking about back then even my problems being written what foods you should eat if you're pregnant is like is all over the board really is to say you just don't eat anything I think you I love to be pregnant and what you should eat as a human in general all thrown in the I mean that's rough it that's yes simple you're doing the ketogenic diet yeah I want to do it I think I back that's another thing ketogenic diet is a high fat almost 0 carbs I basically shoot to eat zero carbs per day and then you get consequential carbs so it's usually about 25 g and I reluctantly harvest yet one is like the accidental part and then it just a little bit of protein think it's not exact my crazy about it but I mean my wife and I both do it that's when you do eat carbs like such a peace ship now you just don't know I can't go back you been in the office for a while now it's like you eat lunch lunch now I go I usually don't eat until like 56 that they having whatever rib dinner six usual any] he doesn't know he doesn't have to go to the more you know he doesn't do what I do like a hard bargain Sgt. Norley shut right now like I got ago like yeah I did know that I'll have to take like a good bid day one as I'm just eating whatever I know yeah and just burning hot all the time you know how to view my sheds but it's you know this for this what you and I know you never want back in the office like a man that was as if you know life that was a story writer might just be a personality difference Ellen managed to lose you here if you didn't smoke a cigarette outside that's got to be the other thing you leave for seven minutes ago do right is so anyway it's I noticed patterns like that can help it cannot-do not add to two years from now will I wouldn't be doing it my wife and to coax everything you more energy yeah that's it there's no ups and downs so no roller coaster of blood sugar basically you you work on endogenous ketones so your entire energy system of your body is changed just staying in the first light the reason why I don't get into his kiss the first like three or four days really blow yeah you like it just sits like rehab almost yeah I Alaska yeah like stop eating any sort of shutters that might just detaching linear bodies like her so much withdraw it's a detection it's a change you any got drug addictions one way to put it I mean you know it it's it's really tough to quantify it but and I can go back to the eating carbs and ups and downs and whatnot that's his wife and I like what you're doing is like doing what ups and downs I really am he's got I got dad but he's had a packet of hardware that is L suppose should you also have a brand-new baby yeah but arguably his is harder because they run around and like if entertaining I know that's what adds common yeah get a lot of exercise yeah kids it is our the Quito things hard he's doing when stroll unless you are at home and you prepare for it like you can't just pop out mean you can't go anywhere need a chicken Caesar salad you know that's probably pretty close to being cute without the crew done listening to some post in this live video for Windows it's it's not easy giving a plan for but same time makes more efficient not worry about eating all the time Diderot if you approach this I do this in college for you will if you skip a meal altogether like and let's face it lunches I kind of secretly expensive when like you don't weird due to don't make your own food you know like it's like how do you spend 12 bucks if I can Chick-fil-A like I only got three crazy but chick flick coming 40 delegates is a lot you know this is Butch bowing his move the market had but like I just don't want to do that first 72 out I have to find 72 hours where I can be kind of grumpy are the normal yeah and I don't I don't see that unless it's not good to be around the holidays were taken to be great either that you don't drink beer right with this snow I judging wrong run flareup trails like you can't like that's like talking crazy sugar well like yeah it's the way that it is longer interacts with your blood sugar like it doesn't really function as sugars made from sugar but when your body's processing alcohol it's not the same idea and I'm not exactly sure how to explain that you're not like scientific but I can hear you like to leave family out I know you can drink like red while you guys do a redline and like some liquors are good you know like that's for think beer me and it says right on label how many cards as so you can yeah whatsoever for me let's let's get to some business the stuff I mean I like that I like your work life stuff stand me what you want what's new what's going on in the social media world Snapchat you can advertise on per my my niece who told me thinks you need me a lot more accessible for people to advertise that there is always an opportunity of analysis more accessible and advertising a little bit more and I made that filter you told you to make yeah I made one up double posted with episode if I can get around put the blog post I'll start shortly afterwards I sat on my face like I move my laptop everything what what else is finding it interesting that they're dealing with Facebook messenger Facebook is trying to open up the market to kids under the age of 13 by CPS yeah yeah and I came up with can't remember when Sam chatted the map thing were you know if you show people that you can literally track anybody around the world which is crazy unless you ghosted yourself which everybody should begin we immediately hit my nieces up like do you have a setting you know this is a fault and not being on its yeah exactly on by additionally felt like with that faith that mesenteric tank on there trying to set it up that kids because most kids now it's only 10 years old have some sort of device that communicating with her parents on so Facebook is looking to enter that market and communication tool so therefore allowing parents to pick and choose your kid can talk to they've done a good job that shape safety shield I say that a Facebook like ever it's the ugly person you hook up with like you never talk about it but everybody has had how many kinases it so light reliable yeah it's like we used to say in a GUI go ugly early college sometimes sometimes you just have to hook up for convenience college which is pretty much most dues are reading lots if you really all the celebrities that are getting busted I feel like most of this is just because they're lazy the you are in the rooms are aggressive but that I like describing acyl and I'm horny right now Kevin Spacey condensate but my thing is the date that they've done such a good job of making people still have Facebook with that messenger part definitely like that that's so brilliant if you think about it because most people can't get my email if you want to email the show law Atoka works TOC OW.COM but I mean that's how you can email me but if someone watches this or you know you meet someone casually and you want to get a hold them for worker or just like a quaint and so come to his party it's way better and it's like verified taxes on out it's funny I see the need to get the tablet just secured like this phone doesn't this much for a 10-year-old doesn't do that it doesn't go on this app to do that or what and if the device itself is what it is they make their own devices Facebook you know you want to I think that a plague is out later to all you got rid of augmented reality steps are coming out with his in order to achieve augmented reality as of right now on its rail camera so Snapchat started augmented reality can accidentally and now Facebook is picking up on that and therein to be incorporating up in the next year a lot of different the features that you would need to use Facebook camera today that still would make sense that they would eventually somehow come out of their own device so what what is so that I see all the audit big social media apps that are splintering off and the these brand extensions like messenger for Facebook I'm trying to be obsessed with LinkedIn right now even though it's not sexy but LinkedIn hey nine dollars per person trying nine dollars CPM for ads what way more reliable data over there that his chest strap fastened me to be market yeah that's my big thing is like I like that you can I like that yeah I can see who's if I pay I can see who's looking at my profile that I just befriended him exactly what they were just complaining about Facebook I repeat business is creepy creepy but you pay for it everybody knows it it's gonna it's their right like what if you the worst fear when Facebook was out when you're like in college are just out of college or whatever and had it was like when David to come out there to let is there to let everybody know if you saw your profile if you're like creeping on a shaky lie yeah yeah yeah interesting now that like Snapchat and Instagram staff is obviously most people now that's just part of their platform by looking at your staff really I do not have Instagram down your stories Stiles is basically picking up exactly what snapshot is that they applied evidence ramp yeah I love it hey Tim I like it better except really little features I doubt why there's something about Instagram that I just think is more solid like I feel like more artsy more fine on Snapchat I feel like it's more just interacting with my friends I can feel a bit more artsy on it's a gram just with a different kind of filters that they have in a different light campus will I know it's way more functional than Snapchat I have I mean I believe you have left out my phone five times because the notification will go away to tell you the truth I only talk with more my friends on Snapchat but just as the chat setting 91 Texas educate but it's not to me like format that's more taxing like that's like another you because you really want to check you are you using Snapchat on Mike I think this is a string of messages mostly but it's like straight messaging all the time in my I oh I don't know I know it likely in a text by conversation and you don't know how to end it just keeps going like I feel like that's just that snapshot to me right like mortgages and a lot of people say I really do forget but like because it by default you're saving everything in it disappear so if you read something and put down your fountain and like Nancy something like 15 to 20 minutes and I Kelly I respond percent go back and look like she they say I'm trying to remember something you might end it to me just like I remember you said I gotta go talk to my people people usually know you said this in the near back in conversation everything you say hey before whoever knows me by never does a pretty well knows I don't remember a lot of stuff anyway so like I have all signs right now so target like you know I but it's just I'm trying to go the less I wanted like compartmentalize this a little bit more like people talk about multis I drop my phone to call you or talk about multitasking and it's like some of your good multitasker like I guess but I I literally can't do and at the same time like to multitask and I don't think that's something we can do it like Bill Clinton they say can like read a book and like listen to someone else tell him something about like it one of his assistants on some yeah Bill Clinton I know I got my nose on same I mean – but job listening room is what is a good subject someone to talk about it like but that's multitasking to me is that we the common definition I think is people think multitasking is being able to jump around a lot I do think that's an advantage to work on age because we had to grow up you start something I'm to go over here work on this other thing I'm come back to this if you like as I do house chores right like I would hit the I'm a get these dishes done but that role to get the laundry but let that role than him to go over here clean up a bunch of stuff will come back to that dishwasher you know in the you discounted you become efficient without even realizing it I definitely think there's an art tab multitasking because it can make you definitely less productive oh yeah for sure invite creatively it'll suck your creative juices Adia yeah you take take that ticket metaphor however you want to suck your bone dry creative ball juice okay well that that's been ever I mean we can get down that road of you guys are multi-testament that I'm sure Bill Clinton I was first applied microphone calls no hand on his meat but like you multitasking where were were trying to struggle with it does work will try to figure out compartmentalize right so some projects were working on Everest doing a lot of lead on developing websites that's like we've been think about site that's a lot of short-term memory that you're working with to like you don't want to have to log every step you're doing and video right now we can't record everything because it's just lots of well and I would love to be amazing and just have everything backed up need to like really timestamp all this stuff saying I will be part of it to be doubted held that's the goal is eventually be able to show clients like I want to show Mike a time lapse of us like sitting here working what's miserable because we won't have a very very fast as we get penalized for duty to quickly people think oh I should I overpaid you know so so are our ability to multitask projects you note in chunk amount depending work like that like I we've Artie had it because Eric's been too quick on on sites to get back to them for that first iteration of design and there like Will hooks along with the second-rate rail would know about me and we can get feedback notes but like the thing is like I can feel it when I'm talking to him like that if they think they got burned and it's I knew now he stayed up all night did that you know like he was cursing about it for me I didn't want to I was right you know with that stuff it's like you said short-term memory and you if you lose it you gotta come back to it you don't know or you may know always remember your head was that when when Navajo latter having coming back to it's like okay I said to do this one last page and at the same time were trying to work on not getting this kind of analysis paralysis of all think of a better had a rhyming term for this but like we're looking up code yes rails like we got create a rule like I know you have something for 4590 minutes and then cut it off yeah 90 minutes might be too much I don't know what me but it's diminishing returns though no I know is Bob saying that the cut offered cigar that's that's it yeah what does thing in our to figure out what you're doing to get into it done but but I want to generate once I started going I just need to be better searching for an answer you know there's better ways and resources that you do, collect over over time so could you find something here like moving on yeah you never log it in and like we should be recording anything that was hard in life right right and then have a repository of all the ship what do better at that yet that's you know to me that is database that's ultimately chassis because your thinking long-term it is proactive and were thinking like Avonex when we get a website grunt you note in here will have a repository of all the shed that was really hard for us to figure out but here's the playbook Monday buddy oh yeah yeah that's that's way toward guys like clean up around here is kinda yeah so gone through so many evolutions will I had the deal is on one of put a lot of money into I don't want to know our counselors are so tight ever since beginning that I can't justify like spending too much on the office great job piecing it presented together so this is good at working with this table can over that way were to put the TV over here couch back in here catching and then I want to keep I will put more artwork up on here that we have and then on the other side I really want to hook this room up multitask this room you will test every and how to get all the meat off of Buffalo right you do with content I would say this a lot lately I don't I don't let often a lot of you know you know the old saying like he'd never heard that get all the meat off the bone well get everything off of the fund use all parts of the debt so hard right so you may have different meets summer failures of the matter is you eat all that you so use the use the first so use the pellets outside else the upheld Jesus Christ alone for I told her that I do not undying-anything having a Friday night so my thing with content and this goes back to social media and content creation what you're doing a lot of the time what errors do what I'm doing is anything that's original content like this podcast I wanted to get out as many mediums as possible words not so time-consuming it's not worth it right so I been telling clients like here audio recording idea like I want to record a blog post is just talk just talk about something that kisses you off about you know your your industry or car station were to play against that on the dictate that audiogram to transcribe it then working film you on video onward and upward massage that first script and then you get it on video talk about it then you know if you have a podcast you can put it in audio form right or you can put it up on the site on your website so people would listen to an enemy with captions with SRT file… We left and then and then write a blog post and wrap a little bit more around that then the last hardest one is in infographics and make up a Jamaica image and yeah yeah okay all right but the ideas hard right yeah it's hard to think of a good idea or it's hard to formalize like this is a unique idea if your small business owner or you're doing your own content creation the unique ideas the hard part like getting that down pat yeah will you let me what you're talking about though is content creation in itself were trying to figure out ways to get the people engaged in kinda thinking about these things and the best within and over still try figure out the best way to get these clients that just kind of come up with stuff like that is good having her read with the diary sort of idea of a blog post for its part of our our guerrilla video process we been working on were wheat we set up a studio in the clients all yeah we should be coach Bob we record while were there showing them how to use it so they have that video and then that the ideas they drop it to us in slack we can take that same thing with audio you know it's just hard it behaviors the hardest thing to change business right and just life in general you know I hate that I hate the the phrase like people never change you know but it's it's true it's mostly true and you can adapt and kinda going to different fees if only I don't really have little he sucked into brownies that never do anything like I I had no one not by perfect and I want to check I jibed work on trying to can you tell you have to be conscious because it actually do admit it bothers me that it's like because that's how most people's mindset is to no light I got it figured out anything about it anymore that part is closed off right right moving on right that it always yelled laziness. Now that right I don't want to you I don't have to do a lot of self-preservation or self or work on my self preservation yeah man because that's what it is it's fear right people don't people don't go out of their zone like learning stick shift on a racetrack or going bow hunting I'm afraid the bow hunting I can be strong enough to pull Bo back I think how to argument consent I live because that's what I would fear that I go out there and there's always big dudes the first offerings all have a crossbow my hip so just in case you think it's all right but totally practical I'll have a quiver around my back note I five pulled about four I went to school at Auburn no can't everybody backyard headlights if I can the phone like phone targets in the back okay.then go for it I don't know but what I wanted to discover I want to get to the point where you have to you really have to hunt like you have to be in shape to do it like it's a actual sport I don't want if I can dear Stan tree stand fighting bull ship hunting season with a shotgun just waiting for dear so it's so pushy to me I ever did in Pennsylvania but Evie done it like I went now it sounds like talking boring public school get off the first day of hunting season that's how important premier hunting as a tight fishing in a in a man-made lake that they put trout in notes like my dad one time was in Switzerland and they were like you want to go hunting any of them I don't hunt I can find a way not dislikes like he had anything very like decked out all you do is really stick your gun out this little slot and then be hey people to go around and chase the deer in front where you are the rear glory hole but yeah it's a weird way to tell Laura no story but yeah oh that was a no go dad to get all well I don't know what kind of yeah what I like holding things yeah Switzer very open-minded just neutral let your freak flag fly I think we have been on that there's no you got in on the high note to stanza so long to get a house any tips any other stuff I just send this to your dad so you can we get them on the podcast as an entrepreneur I think you'd be really interesting from what I know I will talk to him about it okay okay your dad's Richard Branson you can see that you can see them once I like Eric I think tank for Eric for Sammy law sweat equity podcasts subscribe rate review that five-star rating helps us a lot on iTunes or subscribe on YouTube that'll help you it will send you notification each time we have a podcast about the young ins like listening to stuff on YouTube unlike a second screen or some like that so we are on their will we usually post on Facebook first and I have our sponsors try Grasshopper.com/sway this