Sweat Equity Podcast + Streaming Show Mini: How To Use All The Buffalo w/ Samantha Gant of Social Alchemy

Episode sponsor: Grasshopper, the virtual phone system. Sweat Equity listeners save $50 when they sign up using the special linkTryGrasshopper.com/sweat

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Sweat Equity: How To Assess A Business Personality Test. We Take The Advanced Personality Questionnaire On AsherStrategies.com


Law and Eric stress over the results of their Advanced Personality Questionnaires (as they would have no matter the results). Anyone interested in testing current or potential employees can gain insight as to how they work, if you can tolerate the fellas complaining about the functionality of the testing website. 

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Support Tampa Bay's Chris Krimitsos By Pre-Ordering His New Doc About Podcasting On iTunes

'The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary' is an intimate look at the world of podcasting and what compels the independent podcasters to take it on. We visit some of the most influential and deeply embedded individuals who share about their shows, their communities and the impact podcasting has had on their lives.

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Sweat Equity Podcast: How To Explain Why Squarespace Is Better Than Wordpress, Wix, Weebly And Web.com

Tocobaga Consulting's Law Smith and Eric Readinger record the 1st trial run of mini Sweat Equity podcast episodes to focus on one nerd agency thought.  Why is Squarespace the best CMS - Content Management System? Why are developers attached to Wordpress?

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