Sweat Equity Podcast GUEST INFO

DIfficultly LEvel: EASY

Time: 5 Minutes

If we were a bigger podcast or radio show, a producer would be asking these pre-show questions.  Fill out as much as you need to fill out - we want to make sure we're pushing all the correct points/social/contact/promotions.

Name? *
Some people go by formal names for their business or art. We're just asking: How do you want us to address you on air?
Personal Phone Number?
Personal Phone Number?
Business, Personal and/or Hobby
like "www.facebook.com/tocobagaworks"
Tumblr? Medium? LinkedIn? Dribbble? Spotify? Myspace? AIM?
1-3 sentences is usually fine. Feel free to write more if you want to. Whatever interesting or vital information
ex. upcoming projects that can't be public, personal stories we might know about, etc.