2.5x ROI Ticket Revenue: Toco Works + 208 Monkeys Help Tampa Pig Jig 2016


Pig Jig 2016 overview

Not my greatest ad campaign because we started late (confusion on what Event Fest was doing and what we were doing) so we couldn’t set up # of tickets per conversion and the difference between a $30 ticket and $100 ticket.  

At any rate, with our event a goal of $1:1 Ticket for our kind of event (not a lot to market to a broad audience) because it was more about getting heads through the door than revenue from ticket sales.   

  • For every $16.99 spent in ads, we at least received $30 in revenue on a low ad spend, $4,297.82, in a time crunch, 2 weeks, thus no retargeting
    • Doesn’t account for multiple tickets
    • Doesn’t account for VIP
  • We tried to estimate an adjusted ROI rate on ticket sales just from social ads was probably closer to 2:1 or 3:1…

For every $17 in Social Ad spend, we conservatively received ~$75 in ticket revenue